Chinese Garden, Sydney

To be honest, since I came to Australia for holidays (2018) that I wanted to visit this place. In that year I didn’t find it and after one year living in Sydney, I went there for the first time with my photographer friend David.

Chinese Garden of Friendship. June 2020. Photo taken by: @paulinapatricia

This garden was designed in 1986 by landscapes architects and gardeners from Guangzhou, which is the Sydney’s sister city and was formally opened as part of Australia’s Bicentennial Celebrations on January 1988.

The Dragon Wall featuring with two flying dragons represents the majesty and perfection in Chinese culture. The brown represents Guangdong and the blue New South Wales. The design follows the Taoist principles of ‘Yin-Yan’ the balance of opposing yet complementary forces and Wu Xing, the harmonious between elements such a wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

It’s a magical place in the middle of the craziness in Sydney City. It’s super hard to explain, you just need to walk around and you’ll feel this calm and peace. It’s the perfect place to spend your morning/afternoon reading a book or listening a podcast.

Photo taken from the top of the Chinese Garden of Friendship.

In the pathways through the garden you will find from the start, a huge selection of bonsai, exotic plants, blooming flowers and a lake of shimmering Koi, which in Japan their meaning is good fortune and they are also associated with abundance, strength of purpose or perseverance in adversity.

If your plan is to stay for a while, you can head to the The Gardens by Lotus, is the restaurant in a heritage teahouse where you can taste Chinese tea, Sichuan cuisine and, of course, delicious dumplings.

The business hours are from 10:00 am to 16:00 hrs (autumn/winter) and 17:00 hrs (summer/spring time). Please make sure that you will arrive before 3pm, otherwise you won’t have enough time to enjoy this gem (that happened to me).

👉🏻 Tip: The normal price is A$8 for adults and it’s totally worth it.
If you are student ($4) or senior ($6) and show your card you will get discount.
They have daily passes with special price for families (two adults and two children) for A$20.

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